Full of the Spirit

I was reading in Acts 7 this morning as a part of the Life Journal Reading Plan that our church does each year. In this video I share some encouraging thoughts about being “Full of the Spirit.”   I hope that whatever your days hold for you this week, you will live with the awareness that God’s […]

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Better with Age

They say things get better with age. While this certainly is not true of all things, many of the great pleasures in life fit into this category, particularly relationships. My relationship with my wife is one that keeps getting better with age and time. Her beauty grows daily and my desire for her companionship has […]

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Life Hacks & Prayer

Have you seen those “life hack” lists floating around the interwebs? If you’re looking for a little entertainment reading, google “Life Hacks.” Then be prepared to laugh, be amazed, and learn a few tricks that ultimately help remove little frustrations in life. In a recent message, I correlated how prayer is a bit like those […]

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Crying for your way

  You’ve seen it. Individuals crying or complaining because they didn’t get their own way. The toddler crying ten thousands deaths because they didn’t get the $2 dollar item they wanted. The mom gripes out the administrator at the school because the car line took 5 minutes longer than she desired. They guy who blames […]

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Dear Christians, how is your JOY today? I realize this question can seem to be too personal or seem condescending if you don’t know me – neither are my  intent. This is a question I have been asking myself and it’s helped me, so I figured it might help others too. That’s why I’m writing […]

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New Seasons

Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing rapidly, the air is more brisk, and the hoodies are coming out. It is a changing of seasons. I love how God has ordained the earth and human existence to operate in rhythms. Seasons bring variety and help us keep track of time. When a season […]

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Rest that Works

I recently have been putting a lot of thought (and worry) into a message I needed to prepare. I have known for quite some time the main passage I would use and even had a sense of what general direction the message would go. However, I was coming up on a deadline and had no […]

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