Put on the suit.

Recently, to the shock of many in our church, I wore a full suit. Our community is a little more laid back, so I was not quite surprised at the comments and reactions that came my way. While I have worn a sports coats on a number of occasions, this was certainly going to garnish some curiosity and intrigue.

As a kid, I thought it would be cool to own a clothing business, designing suits. I liked the idea of dressing sharp and looking your best. I think being at your best, is important. I know many people who feel that if they wore a suit dressed up, it would be pretentious or even feel a bit unauthentic for them.

I get that. And to some degree, that was the purposes of me wearing the suit, to begin with.

You see, I think learning to believe and speak in faith, can at first glance feel unauthentic. We can feel that if we speak in a positive manner, we are living in denial about a current reality.

Here’s the deal. I own the suit. I picked it out and paid for it. It hangs in my closet, unused most of the time. While it is not my normal attire nor is it the typical norm of the cultural context, the suit is still mine and I have access to it whenever I choose.

I believe this is a great illustration for the purpose of our words. As I look through the entirety of Scripture, it’s pretty clear that words have the ability to bring life or to bring death. Through Jesus, we have access to all of Heaven. Every promise is for us and we can access those promises through the power of our words (i.e. prayer, confession, renewing our mind, etc).

Let me be clear. I am not talking about speaking into existence whatever your materialistic heart desires. I’m not talking about rubbing a magic lamp and the genie-god pops out to do your bidding. God is not our slave. He is not a vending machine that, when we speak the perfect combo of confessions with a perfect pinch of some scripture, it produces our latest cravings.

I do believe God wants to prosper His people. I do believe God promises to meet our needs. I do believe that what God promises, He has the ability to deliver. And I believe our words have the power to build our faith.

Words help us reach into the closet of heaven and pull out the promises that we already have access to.

Our culture is full of problems. Problems that God has provided a promise that has the power to shift the goodness of heaven into our earthly realities. The Kingdom of God is simply, in my opinion, the fullness of God’s goodness.

We need to search the scripture and begin to declare the promises of God. Turn those promises into prayers. Use scripture promises as declarations, as they can deconstruct the problems we face, turning problems into victories we celebrate.

Speaking words of faith is not being fake. You simply are accessing something that you already have access to. You are not pretending, you are putting on God’s promises, His goodness, His Kingdom.

Along those same lines, confessing your sin to God is not speaking about something unauthentic or fake. You are simply revealing or bringing to the forefront something that was previously hidden. When you speak God’s word, and His promises, you are speaking something that already exists; it’s already been provided.

So, go ahead. Reach into the closet of heaven. Put on the suit that has already been paid for. Those promises look good on you.


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