The Best Sex & Intimacy.​

It is true. I preached a full, 50-minute message, titled, “The Best Sex” this past Sunday.

Why? Allow me to explain.

First, I believe God Created sex.

Seriously. God fashioned our bodies intentionally. God knew how to maximize our potential enjoyment. (And He is worthy of praise for it!!!) If there is a subject you want to learn about, why not go to the Person who authored it and first introduced the subject.

Second, I believe what we bring into the light has the best chance to be healthy.

1 John tells us that if we walk in the Light, we have can have fellowship with Jesus. On the flip side, if we do not walk in the Light, we live in the darkness. We lurk in the shadows with our struggles, doubts, secrets, & insecurities.

The enemy of our lives (and marriages) wants to move us to live in the shadows. He likes things to stay hidden. He wants to plagiarize what God authored while twisting it towards something dark and dirty. Nothing healthy grows in the dark. The enemy has lied about this subject for too long, and many people, including Christian people, have bought the lies.

Third, the Church needs to be a safe place.

As a Pastor, I want the people in our community to experience the best God has for them. I want them to experience God’s best in their marriage. Sexuality is something many people are uncomfortable discussing, I get it, yet it is incredibly important to the formation of our lives – spirit, soul, & body. The church should be dealers of hope and life, not just for our spirituality, but also for our souls (mind, will, and emotions) and our bodies.

I believe Jesus can bring health, redemption, passion, and hope into each area of our lives. If there is brokenness and pain, whether, from your actions or someone else’s actions, Jesus can restore us. I have experienced personal pain and regrets throughout my life – yet God’s love and forgiveness are complete. It will take time, but healing and freedom are available.

Fourth, I believe the best sex is married sex, accompanied by intimacy.

Intimacy unlocks our spouse’s passion, purity, & creates a dynamic partnership that actually brings fulfillment in our life. When we develop intimacy in our marriages, we strengthen the unity of our spirits, find health in our souls, and it is expressed using our bodies.

On Sunday, I outlined 3 things that can distort and disrupt our intimacy, along with the way we overcome them. You can listen to the message here if you’d like.

Finally, I believe Faith Church is called to be a marriage-building church. I feel it is part of the calling God has on our church for our community. We will consistently look for ways to do just that, including teaching on each aspect of marriage relationships. If marriages can become healthy and God-honoring, we help reflect an accurate image of God’s love for humanity.

There are three resources I highly recommend. All three are written from Biblical perspectives and can help you in the stage of life you are in:

You can experience God’s best in your relationship with your spouse. The Author of life and wants to partner with you to move the meter in your marriage to be the best possible!



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