Dry Seasons

Have you ever reached a point in your spiritual life where you felt dry? The spiritual disciplines don’t seem to be producing anymore and you feel stuck.

First, know that you are not alone.

I have been there too. I have also talked with countless people through the years who wrestle with these same thoughts. It’s pretty common to find yourself walking through a “dry season.”

There is a difference between a dry season and being disconnected, though. Sometimes we call it a dry time but really we need to repent and return to God because we’ve been walking away from him.

Dry seasons are the ones where you know your heart is right, but everything seems stale and you feel stagnant.

How do you overcome the dry seasons? How do you get unstuck spiritually?

While there are not any “one size fits all” answers, I’d like to offer a few things that have helped me through the years.

1. Change of perspective. I made the switch a few years ago from thinking that devotions were a discipline to be done to the mindset that devotion was something I pursued. Instead of doing daily devotions in a time slot, I decided to focus on having a devoted mindset toward God. I still read, prayed, and/or worshiped, however, my heart’s posture was not to get something done instead it was to be with Someone. A little perspective shift goes a long way.

2. Get out of the rut by changing the routine. Take a different route to work. Switch the daily routine up. Find a new space in your house to read or pray. Change the background to your phone or computer. Try a different version of the Bible (some of my favorites – NKJV, NIV, ESV, MESSAGE, NLT). Sometimes a little change in the norm helps us gain perspective too.

3. Buy a new journal or Bible. There is something about fresh starts and blank pages that help us get on track again. Recently I started using a new Bible. There were no marks, highlights or notes in the margin. It was blank and beckoning me to explore and rediscover Truths. I immediately became more eager to read the Bible and learn.

4. Find a fresh soundtrack. I love music and I especially love worship music. Mainly because the lyrics help me keep my mind set on the right thoughts. Worship also sets an atmosphere for God’s presence to manifest. It is His presence that refreshes us. Here is a sample playlist we put together for our church.

5. Review your values. What is it that really matters to you? Have you loosened up on a conviction that has caused you to grow complacent or even to compromise? Values help guide us and they keep our motives moving in the right direction, no matter how we feel at that moment.  What are some mindsets or declarations that you could establish?Here are some great ones that Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church put together.

6. Step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you begin to serve at your church or in your community. Sign up for a missions trip, take a risk or even learn a new skill. When we allow ourselves to stay in our comfort zone it is easy for complacency to creep in. Whenever we decide to stop looking at our own situations and serve someone else, we often find a great sense of refreshing that comes. Many of the most memorable times of ministering to someone else came during a season where I felt dry and under qualified to do it.

7. Don’t stop. It’s going to be tempting to just mail it in and give up. It’s tempting to lay the Christianity aside and go back to sleeping in on the weekends – but don’t.

I believe that no matter where we are in our spiritual journey there is more of us to experience. (I recently did a message series on it.) God wants to meet us during our daily routine and during the times we set aside just for Him.

I don’t know if you feel dry or not. My prayer is that you will (1) not stop, (2) ask the Holy Spirit to refresh you with His Presence, and (3) step outside of yourself to minister to someone else.


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