Dreams, Destinations, & Decisions.

Many people have a dream. Some of their dreams are financial, some family related, and others may be personal growth. Whatever the motivation or category, one thing is true across the board – if you slip in your determination to go the right direction, you will drift away from your desired destination.

Many people live a very determined life. Unfortunately they head the wrong direction and the destination they arrive at is not what they originally hoped for. Like a misleading Yelp review, they find themselves feeling disappointed.

Other times people can easily lose the vision and just start drifting into the wrong lane as the road splits, going a new direction. One misguided decision here and the drifting begins.

Wayne Cordero, in his book “Jesus, Pure & Simple,” gives these examples of drifting the wrong direction:

 “Let’s say a single woman says, “I want to meet and one day marry a great Christian guy who really has his act together.” That is her intention. But then she dates any old boy who asks her out – just as long as he’s good-looking.

Or let’s say a husband announces, “I want my kids to respect me when they grow up,” but he flirts with other women, slips into pornography, and frequently loses his temper.”

A  women says, “I really want to have a great relationship with my husband.” But then she makes the children a priority over him and their friendship diminishes to the point where they do little more than coexist.

Or perhaps a Christian says, “I really want to develop a deep and lasting intimacy with God.” But then he gets up late every morning, checks last night’s sports scores, scans the news and rushes into the day while checking Facebook pages every fifteen minutes.”

In each of these examples we see that a desire or a dream were stated, but the little decisions caused determination to drift away. I have found that determination is best seen through our daily decisions. Those decisions are what delivers us to our destiny so our dream can become a reality.

We can have a dream and even start determined to get there, but if we never turn on the road going the right direction, we never arrive at our desired destination.

Today I was reading in Acts 13 where Paul and Barnabas received a word from God regarding their purpose. It was their life’s destiny to bring the message of the Gospels to the Gentiles. When they determined to go in that direction, there was a great amount of joy and God’s Spirit among all the other disciples. As we realize what God’s destiny is for our lives, we can start living with a determined purpose that positively affects us and those around us.

But is must start with God. A dream without God’s design will often lead to an empty destination. Begin with a Word from God. Then make little decisions that help drive you toward your destination and dream.

What decision are you making daily? Are they helping you reach your dream or  are they drifting you toward a different destination?

If you don’t have a dream, ask God to reveal a purpose and destiny for your life.

If you have drifted, stop and course correct. Renew your sights in the right direction and then write out the decisions you determine are will get you there.

If you are going toward your dream but are tired, ask the Holy Spirit to renew your passion and restore your dream.

In my next post I will share how to respond when your “Dream Dries-up.” I hope this has encouraged you and helped bring faith to life.

God Bless,



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