Better with Age

They say things get better with age. While this certainly is not true of all things, many of the great pleasures in life fit into this category, particularly relationships.

My relationship with my wife is one that keeps getting better with age and time. Her beauty grows daily and my desire for her companionship has increased over the years. We both have changed through the years, but each change creates a new dimension of intrigue and friendship.  

Life-long friends (Lifers as I call them) are also one of the great treasures we enjoy on this earth. Be it a friend we’ve known since grade school, a fellow church attendee, or a co-worker, the longer we walk in life with them the more depth and richness of relationship we can enjoy.

I am thankful for the Lifers in my life currently and the new relationships I’m enjoying the early stages of. One thing is certain, these type of relationships don’t happen over night and take time to develop. This is something I’m conintually helping my daughter understand. She wants best friends after 2 months of attending her new school, but it doesn’t happen that way. 

The same is true of our relationship with God. Like our human relationships, it’s not automatic because it requires intentionality on our part. But a depth of relationship with God is attainable. The longer we walk with Him, opening our lives to Him, we begin to enjoy a depth of love and understanding that only come with the passing of time. 
We see this play out in Moses’ life. The longer he followed God the more God revealed His character to Moses. They got to know each other so well, Moses started giving God different names to describe the way God would reveal Himself to Moses. Abraham did this as well.

We can experience the same type of progression too. No matter how long you’ve walked with God, there is more for you to discover and enjoy. You were made for more (someone really should do a series with this title…oh, wait. That’s right, we are starting this series at Faith Church this Sunday.)

I certainly cannot claim the relationship status that Moses and Abraham had. But I am thankful for the Holy Spirit that helps draw me closer each day. I long for my relationship with God to deep, rich, and ever growing. So I’m going to keep opening my heart and life to the One who loves me unconditionally. I am going to continue to admit my weakness, allowing His strength to overcome it. And I am convinced that at each point of understanding, there will be another mystery He will invite me into.

Let’s press into our relationship with God. Let’s be honest, open, and willing to allow Him to lead us deeper. After all, we were made for more!


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