Crying for your way


You’ve seen it. Individuals crying or complaining because they didn’t get their own way.

The toddler crying ten thousands deaths because they didn’t get the $2 dollar item they wanted.

The mom gripes out the administrator at the school because the car line took 5 minutes longer than she desired.

They guy who blames the referee because a call was/wasn’t made.

No matter our age and stage in life, we like having it our way. We may not cry actual tears, but we certainly are not adapt at dealing with disappointments on personal level.

Sometimes we cry out because we are passionate about something worth-while or because loss and devastation have struck. But many times we whine because our preference was overlooked.

I’ve been there. I remember times of frustration on the basketball court, in the conference room, and in my own house. The angst of not getting my own way.

But my question is, have you ever cried because you got your way?

Recently I was reading Revelation chapter 5 and John the apostle states, “I wept and I wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside.” At first glance it struck me odd that pieces of parchment could cause so many tears. However, as I remember that the scroll and seven seals that were to be opened illustrates God’s will being released, it started to make more sense. (I won’t recount the entirety of it, but give Revelation chapter 5 a read sometime; it’s worth it.)

The apostle was moved to tears because God’s will wasn’t taking place. John wanted to see God’s will fulfilled on the earth. John’s sense of sadness was overwhelming for him. He was not concerned about his own preferences or passions, just God’s will being done.

All of this got me reflecting on this past year. The ups and the downs. The achievements and milestones along with the defeats and failed attempts.

I realize I have not wept enough. Hear me out. Of course I have shed plenty of tears, especially the last half of the year as we’ve made a transition in life. Rarely do major transitions in life come void of tears.

What if I’ve stopped crying because I’ve gotten my way, even when it wasn’t God’s way. As 2016 begins to draw to a close, I am asking myself a simple questions – “Do I long for my way or God’s will more?”

That has not been an easy question to dance with. Because it requires me to come face to face with my own selfishness. I have to look my pride in the face. I must deal with my own human tendency to self-serve.

But I don’t want to settle for my way. I want to see God’s will realized and expressed in my life. If something breaks God’s heart, I want my heart to break too. I do not want to live a single day of 2017 void of God’s presence being poured out in my heart and in my home. I want His joy to permeate through my eyes. I want God’s passions to be my passion. I want those who are unfamiliar with Faith or even those who have fallen away from Faith to know they too can belong to God’s family.

And most likely, that means my preferences take a back seat, because I want God’s will to be done on earth, just as it is in heaven.

Let it be, Jesus. Let it be.



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