Get Settled

 I hate moving.

It’s a bit of a headache and point of stress for many, including me. I am thankful I’ve only moved three times since I married my wife twelve years ago.

However, I love the feeling of relief you get when the last box is unpacked and everything is organized within its proper place. You instantly feel settled as you fold up that last box, grab a cold drink of choice (water for me please!), and flop on the perfectly placed couch.

I recently was reading in 1 Chronicles and was struck by chapter 17 and verse 14.
“14 But I will settle him (Him) in My house and in My kingdom forever; and his (His) throne shall be established forevermore. [Isa. 9:7.]”

God was essentially saying the impact of King David’s reign would continue for many generations, ultimately culminating through Jesus’ reign. He was establishing and settling David within His house.
David recognized and received the blessing that came from choosing to be settled in God’s house.

I immediately began to think about the House of God, the local church/places of worship, and those who choose to settle in one place. All throughout Scripture the Holy Spirit would use illustrations or metaphors to reveal, through various writers, the simple principle of settling into God’s House. Sometimes it was an illustration of a shepherd that brings protection and provision to the flock that follows, a tree planted by streams of water that always are bearing fruit, and vines and branches.

Christians who are thriving, growing, and who make lasting impact are the ones who have chosen to settle down in His house. They grow roots and plant themselves and choose to stay put for a long time.

The problem is that christians often never fully unpack and settle into His House. They attend for a while and then when things don’t go our way, a leader transitions, or a program gets dropped, we grab the boxes of our lives and move to a new house.

Perhaps we spiritualize it, knowing Scripture tells us we need to be in green pastures, so we look for “greener pastures”. I had a wise man share with me one time that the grass is always greener over the sceptic tank! Ha!

How many people look around and see a patch of really green grass, move there, and then discover something stinks at that spot too. They leave their church, their marriage, or a job because they haven’t yet learned that staying settled requires a series of tough choices, that, in the long run, produce positive results. Nothing grows overnight. Perhaps that’s why one of the metaphors Jesus used when talking about this principle was a branch that abides in the vine. The branch stays put and stays connected to the source of life. The branch is sure to get cut and pruned, but when you choose to abide, you’ll only be better for it.

It would seem to me that if you want to live a life of significance and begin an echo of eternal significance, it has to start with the choice to settle.

Have you made the choice to get settled.


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