Overcoming Fear with Obedience

I have a fear to write and share the writings publicly. I don’t remember when this fear began to develop, but it has overcome me in recent years. There has always been a desire within me to write.

Perhaps that is an explanation as to why I have not posted a blog in over four years!

Last Sunday, my Pastor was correlating the story of Jeremiah to our story. You can read the account in Jeremiah 1. God called Jeremiah and sanctified him. In other words, God set Jeremiah apart (sanctify) for a purpose and God has a purpose for each of us. Like Jeremiah, we must choose to jump over our insecurities (“I can’t speak well”), eliminate our excuses (“I’m too young”), and overcome our fears (“the people look scary”).

I can relate those things. I haven’t written for four years because of those things. To be honest, my insecurities (“What if people don’t like what I write”) and excuses (“I don’t have adequate time or adequate talent”) all come from a root of fear.

There is an old adage (you could call it a cliché) that says, “God doesn’t call the qualified, but He qualifies the called.” I believe that to be true and I’m choosing to live by that truth. I don’t feel qualified or adequate to write, but I’m going for it.

Today, I’m choosing to face fears and begin writing and sharing again. I may not write every day or week. The posts may not be read by anyone nor may they be liked and shared.

They may not change your life. That’s okay; it’s changing my life.


Will I make mistakes? Yes. (You grammar police out their likely found one or more already.)

Will I make some top list of hot young writers? Doubtful. (Isn’t young a relative term anyway?)

Will everyone like what I write? No.

Do I give a rats mustache about any of that? Yes, but I’m going to write anyways.

Why? Because like Jeremiah, there is a fire beginning in my bones and I cannot squelch it…again.

I realize this post is more for me than you, but perhaps these simple few paragraphs will help nudge you over the edge of your fear into a step of faith. Obedience will always help you overcome fear. Obedience is my responsibility; results are God’s.

So go ahead, choose obedience today instead of fear.

photo credit: Crêtes sud du Margeriaz via photopin (license)

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