Genesis 9:19 NKJV

These three were the sons of Noah, and from these the whole earth was populated.


I was captured by this verse last week. Not for the literal understanding of what this verse is saying, although high five for them.

See, I believe it is best to begin with the end in mind. As I look at my life, i want at the end of it, folks to say, “my life was enriched because you showed me Jesus.” I want my life to have an impact. While quantity doesn’t always trump quality, there is something to be said for the broad reach of ones life.

I have been recently reflecting on the life of my Pastor. His life was fruitful and still is producing fruit even after his home-gowing.

As I approach 2011 i am not interested making a resolution. I simply want to focus on a theme or a filter that will help me increase my ability to be effective and fruitful. I want the end if this year and the end of my life to be distinctively fruitful. It isnt about me becoming successful, it is about the people who are rescued, embraced, equipped, and released. I am beginning this year with the end in mind. If i want to be distinctively more fruitful, I realize I need to be more collaborative. Thats my theme/filter for the year. I want to look at every decision, experience, even desire through the lens of inviting others into the process. I refuse to be an island unto myself. All of us are better than one of us. I want to engage on relational level is such a way, that it invites others to CO-LABOR-ate with me.

What about you? I realize we are 11 days into 2011, but what lens will you use to view all of life this month?


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