Void of God’s Voice

“So Saul asked God…..but God didn’t answer.”
Saul was in the middle of a series of battles. Philistine armies all around. Saul was determined to come out with victory. History tells us its never a good idea for Gods people to advance in battle without Gods command coming first.
In Saul’s desperation, he declares a “spiritual” fast for his men. No one eats. He was about to rush into battle all night, even after fighting all day and eating nothing. The Priests convince him to stop and ask God first….


When man is void of Gods voice, we are left to human reasoning and our own desires.

Saul was in such a place.

I have been in such a place before.

Sitting at a place where I want to move on and accomplish something but God says nothing. I move forward as if the plans in my heart are also Gods…then ask Him to bless them.

Or I know I’m supposed to be the one with the plan from heaven, but I’ve heard nothing….so I make seemingly spiritual decisions calling people to fast, create an event, and speak with some smooth spiritual prose. It so much easier, as a leader, to create activity rather than sit still giving others an opportunity to scrutinize because they are restless.

Bottom line unless Gods speaks we ought not speak for Him. Do the last thing He said and when that is done, He will take care of he rest.


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