the voices i see

I am sitting in a building in the middle of Los Angeles that is full of history and heritage. Though this building where one of the greatest pioneers in Christianity is rather inspiring, it doesn’t silence what I’ve seen.

Let me explain.

Although this building has some grandeur to it, across the street is Echo Park. A simple park area surrounding a modest lake, full of people who live in the margins of society. They are from every ethnicity, but all I see are lives in need of help…they need to be rescued.

Not 10 minutes from this place is Hollywood Boulevard. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed driving down that over crowded street. Passing the Kodak Theatre among other iconic buildings. But I heard the same thing…people screaming because they need to be rescued.

I see all these people, but my spirit hears them crying for help. I have a pocket full of cash (not mine, I’m on a business trip) and I wanted to empty it plenty of time already. I want to stop and give hugs and have conversations. But that’s not what I’m doing…I listening to their screams and seeing their faces. God is searing my heart.

Many people I serve and worship with on a weekly probably are having similar experiences. My Pastor spoke a word and shared a vision he had…it rocked our boat. If you want to listen to it, go to

Be warned – you will begin to see their screams too!


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