dirty hands

From a young age, we are conditioned to ‘pass the buck’.

My daughter is almost two. I cannot count the number of times we have caught her playing in the fire place. Mind you, there was no fire, only a dirty rack and tools. We’d call her name, ever so sternly, only to see her look up with deep blue eyes wondering why we called her name in such a manner. With her little hands now colored in black soot, she begins to tell us (in her gibberish) how she didn’t do anything wrong.

Her hands were filthy!

I read today in Joshua 7 where Joshua, the mighty leader, was on his face complaining to God how it was not fair that He allowed such a terrible thing to happen. See, they just lost a battle and three thousand men died. Israel was by no means the underdog. They didn’t even send out their A-Team; but they lost terribly.


That was what Joshua intended to hear from God. WHY? They had a covenant. They were blessed beyond all measure! WHY THEM?

Their hands were dirty.

So often, we react the same way Joshua did. Trouble, failure, loss, conflict, even disaster arises and we quickly resolve God or someone else is the cause. We point and shake our soot covered finger.

I think God is patient. But His answer is something similar to what He told Joshua, “Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face? Israel has sinned, and they have transgressed My covenant.”

What is your response? Do you react like Joshua?

Get up, and take an inventory or your life and heart.

Is there soot?

God carries a ton of baby wipes, you’ll be fine. It simply requires you go to Him and reach out requesting He clean the soot off.

And He does…every time.


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  1. Pastor Matthew,This is Pastor Caleb from Forest City. I had an awesome time connecting with you and other leaders this past week, and wanted to continue so I searched you and found your blog! Just wanted to share a comment.One man in all of biblical and natural history was referred at the end of his life as a "man after God's own heart" by God Himself. This man was Kind David of course, but it is an insane statement if you look at the life of David. I mean he didnt just play in the fireplace and get dirty hands…he spit in the fireplace, threw up in the fireplace, took a dump in the fireplace, threw others in the fireplace, and then played in not only the mess that was already there…but also played in the mess that he made! I mean, this guy, the chosen King of Israel, spent 16 months in a place called Ziklag where his best friends were common thieves, and rebellion was the highlighter used in his life story. The point is that how we relate to God, how we grow into His will is not based on what we do or do not do. It is based on our response when we are caught red handed…and God ALWAYS catches us red handed. David's key character attribute was his habit of quick repentance. It didnt make it okay for king david to sin…it made king david's sin justified by God.We fail…big deal…is our heart desiring the deep things of God? If it is, our stumbling blocks are inevitable, but our quick repentance is our redemption. I love the way you said "God carries around lots of baby wipes." Will we hold out our hands quickly, and admit that our hands are dirty…or will we cling to our pride, and let our dirty hands touch other things in our life and make them dirty…the quicker we are to repent, the less mess God has to clean up, and the closer we are to Him through it all!Blessings!Pastor Caleb Edwards aka YPCForest City Foursquare

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