28 is my number. It has been my favorite number since i was in first grade, when my teacher (Mrs. Ash) assigned me a coat hanger with the number 28. It was my tee-ball number, mainly because my favorite player at the time was Pedro Guerrero – you guessed it, #28.

Now, let me just say, I’m not one of those pentecostal folks who OVER SPIRITUALIZE something like a number. While i firmly believe certain numbers in scripture have serious significance (3, 12, 40, etc), I not of the club that jumps off the plane of sanity for a spiritual experience/significance. In fact, the number 28 doesn’t really mean anything to me except that I like it – no spiritual reason.

However, there is something nostalgic to me about the number. When I see it, my soul simply gives a little smirk of satisfaction. The last couple months, God has spoken to me through His Scriptures. It just so happened, twice this year it happened to be in chapter 28 of 2 different books. Needless to say my soul gave a smirk of happiness.

The first time was in Genesis 28. Jacob was changed forever. God has been changing me in a few areas of life. Good stuff. I love Him more for it. The second time was in Exodus 28. When God seperated Aaron and his Sons. One thing I loved about this was, as God was calling out Aaron, he said something like “bring all the artisans together”. God wanted, in the process of calling out Aaron, to release somethings through others. Every type of individual had a role to play.

I believe very strongly that God’s call on my life is very connected with identifying, calling out, training, and releasing the gifts/abilities/potential that are inside of others. I want to see individuals reach their full redemptive potential on this earth. I don’t want others to stop short of their ability.

While God is changing me, He’s also using me to call others and their gifts/abilities/potential out. To bring individuals together to reach their full redemptive potential for His Kingdom.

I’ve given my life to this. God’s got my number. Does He have yours?


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