Mimic This

They say imitations is the highest form of flattery. Would you agree? I think I would.
I’ve been in leadership in some capacity for quite a while. I’ve seen many lives transform into something better than what they had been.
Influence, imitation, mimicking, following, and discipleship are often looked down on for the sake of “individualism”. I can understand that, on most levels. Each of us is unique, and we ought to do things with our own flair. But isn’t it right for us to install certain things in a younger generation, especially those who were birthed because of us?
There is a verse in Judges that says something like, “And there was a generation that grew up and knew nothing of the Lord nor His exploits”. I have to be honest, I think a big group that contributed to this problem were parents.
I get it. There are parents and young adults now who themselves had parents who pushed them to be, do, and participate in activities that weren’t “them” or “there style”. There methods may have been over the top pushy, but to retreat in the opposite direction could be just as dangerous.
I have a daughter who is almost 2 years old. She is the epitome of “monkey see, monkey do”. And I’m not gonna lie -its cute. At some point I will need to help lead her to be an individual, but right now I’m laying foundation. My favorite is watching her raise her hands, sway, and make noise (her toddler version of “making a joyful noise”). Earlier today we put on worship music and she was in the middle and started swaying. I asked her, “are you worshipping Jesus?”. She put up one hand the air and said “eeeuss“- toddler translation, Jesus.
I realize not everyone is a parent, but we all have influence. There are some important things that must be passed on. We may not he perfect, but we can move forward with someone. I want to live in such a way that others, especially my kids, can mimic me.


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