bell ringer

‘Tis the season to eat tons of turkey, shop, and be with family.Oh ya, and to give…or something.

Actually it IS that.

I know you’ve seen them, perhaps even walked past them. I’m refering to the Bell Ringers who stand outside all the main shopping areas. They are out there come rain or shine with one purpose – to create a convenient way for you to donate.

My daughter is just old enough to watch what someone does and then repeat the action.

So, this year I want to teach her about these Bell Ringers; about the beauty of giving to others. Yesterday was her first time and I couldn’t have been more happy. She only gave some change, but she smiled the whole time.

Which is exactly the way it should be. We ought be joyful when we give. So go find a Bell Ringer, smile, and then give.

‘Tis the season!


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  1. We had the opportunity to donate to a bell ringer yesterday as well. Jeremy had to put his money in one coin at a time, Caleb would not stop telling the lady Merry Christmas and Judah was sad that he could not have his money back. Enjoy the retreat.

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