I sit sipping a venti brewed coffee, and starbucks begins to overrun with people. It’s not a completely abnormal occurance, yet this morning it’s early for such a rush to happen. And its not the mere mass of people that grab my attention, but the consistency of person. No, it wasn’t that they all looked the same, they all all were heading their respective polling place to do their due dilligence as American citizens.
Good for them.

I have completely refrained from posting anything political…actually I haven’t posted period (that’s for another time though).

I am one of the cynical folks. To say I am jaided by the whole political proccess would be a major understatement. The only redeeming fact for the proccess is the numerous lives sacrificed for such a freedom. However I have a feeling this whole show is a bit far from the dream the original pioneers had.

I won’t repeat the cliche of God is still in control, although there are many who need to be reminded of it. I honestly am ready to see people become American again – rather than a single letter.

Anyhow, I originally began this post to talk about Jesus being the REMEDY. He is and He lives in US (as in you and me, not the country). My prayer is that we begin to see it in reality. Heaven come invade earth.

Hope all that registers…errr..makes sense


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