creatively waisted

i don’t claim to be an expert in anything. especially in the area of anything regarding creativity. i wish i was super good with graphics, but i’m not. i do dabble a bit, but nothing to write home about. 

i am decent at noticing creative things; if anything i always appreciate good creative stuff. especially in the context of churches.

i spend a good portion of my time tapping into the creative reservoir i do posses. lately i’ve felt waisted and void of creativity. normally that’s not the case. i can come with something witty, or creative, or catchy that will put words into pictures or pictures in one’s mind and turn those into well crafted words. but lately i’ve been hitting bottom. i’m not dishin’ out my best stuff.

what to do when you feel waisted (that’s a metaphor by the way)? i don’t really know. perhaps the best thing is to pause. stop. cease from the action. put it down for a bit. allow the dizziness of lame ideas stop. allowing myself to be re-centered on some things may bring me back to the perfect starting point. 
i believe strongly in the power of the Holy Spirit. Gods’ grace fills in the holes i create or cannot fill. I think i’ll take a break and allow the Holy Spirit to revive my soul and creativity again.

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