same actions different results

Ever find yourself doing something that you always do, but not getting the same results from it? Especially when it comes to Christian disciplines?

I’m sure someone else can relate, but lately i’ve been doing the same discipline, and it’s not been like a chore, but just not seeming like i’ve been connecting with God. I’m not really a big fan of wasting my time (no, i don’t feel spending time with God is a waste). I do enjoy seeing results though. I read God’s Word, but often times i feel as though i’m trying to get something from it. I know God’s Word can and will bring heart transformation as open my heart and the text. Something is amiss.

Often times when my wife and I aren’t communicating well or just not on the same page, i’m finding it’s about changing my perspective and form of communication. I can and should communicate routines, agendas, and plans, but there is more that my relationship is built on. A great marriage is built around intimacy.

God’s relationship should be full of intimacy. We are His bride and He longs to connect with us not just inform us.

So i’ve decided to go ahead and repent for not having a proper perspective when i approach my time with him. It’s no only about reading the Word while listening to music. But rather about moving my heart and life into a position to connect, commune, love on God.


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  1. It’s nice to realize that God longs for us as much, if not more, than we long for Him. Too often I get stuck in the “I have to spend time with God so He can fix me” attitude, and I forget that God just wants to and longs to love me right where I’m at. Thanks for the words matthew…

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