fervent love

i was reading yesterday in 1 Peter 1, and it had phrase that just leaped off the page – fervent love. it got me thinking about they way i love people.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not perfect in my love; but i’m not the worst either. but i did begin to search in my heart to see if maybe, just maybe, i could stand to love someone a little longer before i judged them. i saw that it was easy for me to love my friends, but not so easy to fervently love my enemies.

i think it is fervent love that caused a father to stand and watch, waiting for his son to return home, knowing full well half of everything he owned was not gone. i’m sure it was fervent love that caused the phillipian church to risk their life to bring gifts to paul while in prison and all christians were being hated on. i think it was fervent love for a god when 3 hebrew fellas decided to not bow down and worship some graved image. i am sure it was fervent love that cause a nun to live like she did amongst those who she lived with in the slums of india.

peter was writing his readers to compel them to walk in god’s grace, propelling them to fervently love. to love with everything in their culuture wasn’t. he was trying to convince them to not corrupt the love of god with their un-fervent love.

i think 1corinithians 13 is a pretty good picture of fervent love. i know that if i’m going to love like that, i have to be pretty fervent about not being selfish.

i just want to be fervent with my love – i need god’s grace to do so. how about you?


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