relational legacy

there is a saying, “you are who you hang around”. many times as a student i’d love to argue this; really just to prove it wrong. there is something special though about this truth – we’ve been wired for this to work. there is no escaping this reality. we were set up to learn and adapt to influential surroundings. 

my wife has gorgeous eyes. in fact one really cool thing about them is they change colors and shades based upon sun light and color of clothes she wears. they adapt to her surroundings.

i’m currently on vacation in my home town of tulsa. i here for a couple reasons. one to enjoy time with friends, family, and re-charge. two, because i had the opportunity to attend a  reunion of sorts. the directors of the intern program i was in, are celebrating 10 yrs. that program is the epitome of adaptation. the whole focus is discipleship. those two have created a legacy of christ-followers, who want to love jesus more than anything. they have spent 10 years being relational people…who influence those surrounding them. they have created a relational legacy.

you are creating a relational legacy. i am creating a relational legacy. good, bad, ugly, organic, or indifferent. it’s still a legacy. look through the past 10 years of your life. who has been influenced by you? who have you been influenced by? it’s how you were hard wired – to be relational and to be influenced & an influencer. 

look to the next ten years, what relational legacy will you leave? will be defined by grace, love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness? or will it look more broken, selfish, sinful, ugly?

irregardless, it’s still your legacy.

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