consistency vs. habit

consistency. is it more than a habit? is it more intentional or sub-conscious? is it about a pace of life? can you make your life be more consistent by repeating it over and over? is it the same thing as discipline? and perhaps even more important to me, can you be consistent and still do it with some heart?

i want my life to be consistent. not so predictable, but still consistent. i do want my life to be intentional, but i don’t want it void of heart.
i think consistency speaks more of intention (heart) and actions rather than a sub-conscious habit. i think christ would want us living lives with discipline. not tossed around by whims. he wants our life to be full of faithfulness that is driven by our hearts desire for him.

i read an article the other day in RELEVANT MAGAZINE the other day, where a church is challenging it’s married members to have sex, every day, for 30 days. they believe if you do so, it will help them create habits, which will in turn bring divorce down. the experts say if you do something everyday for 30 days straight, it becomes a habit.

my thing is, once it’s a habit, do you do it [no pun intended] without heart or passion? I want to be consistent, but i don’t want to only have a habit. habits may get you doing the right thing, but a life with consistency does it for the right reason….at least i think it does.

what do you think?


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