famine recap

recently i was apart of an initiative that raised money and awareness about world hunger. it was about 9 different student ministries, 2 schools, and a ton of folks who gave money. it was a 2 fold deal. the goal was to raise awareness about world hunger and raise money to do something about it. so we all fasted for 30 hours. before the fast, they all went and raised support/sponsors for the fast. it was cool and all in all there was about $10,000 raised!

i was more than thrilled when saw the amount we raised. i’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. the initiative was through world vision’s 30 hour famine. we didnt’ do a lock-in like is normally the case. instead put the focus away from the hype and on saving kid’s lives. it was discovered that 29,000 kids die every day due to hunger related issues. that’s like the equivalent of 11 entire high schools being mass murdered without any survivors – EVERY DAY!

the whole campaign was on the premise that we could do something for someone else; for that’s what christ would do. i believe god has already done plenty and provided plenty to stop wold hunger, it’s just that people haven’t learned to share what God gave them.
one night i was preaching in our student ministry on famine. i was sharing how in 1John it says that once your needs are met, then you should take what you have left and help meet someone else’s needs. i realized that night, somewhere along the way, someone quit doing that. someone started keep their extra. they figured it was better to save than give. now we figure it’s better to spend than save or give.

i struggle with that reality of scripture. in acts 2:42 it says everyone gave all they had to the church, and the church was the bi-partisan group that dispersed it according to the needs. i’m not suggesting that we give all we have to the church, cause i’m not sure they could handle it right anyhow. but fundamentally, we’ve potentially gotten away from giving the excess to being fat cats living for the excess.

i dont’ mean to ramble or rant…i really do struggle with living this out. do you?


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