everything matters?

“pray about everything.” those were some of the last words i heard as i, along a few others on our team, were blind-folded and helped into a van. it was about 5 am on a saturday morning. we each had a back-pack with one change of clothes, some deodorant, tooth brush/paste, our bibles, a journal, and a bottle of water. we had no idea where we were being driven to, but we did know were were supposed to get back to our home-about 200(ish) miles. this simple little exercise was about trusting in god…for everything. not allowed to ask for rides. not to ask for food. not to ask for place to stay. no asking for directions. just praying and trusting god….oh and a ton of walking. it was called a faith walk, and we were to pray about everything. prayed about food, rides, directions, help, and anything else we wanted god to do in us and for us.

i was able to participate in 2 of these during my college years. they were both amazing. god came through every single time. one year i only had to walk 13 miles. one year i got the cup of coffee and guitar to play i prayed for. each year we prayed about what direction to take, and always made it home, with no back-tracking.

i remember those words though, “pray about everything”. some times i only take the big stuff to god in prayer. i’ll take my sins, my wants, my needs, and other major issues. but god isn’t asking us to worry about the other things, he wants us to trust him. when we pray, we’re giving it god….he does care you know.

what are you holding onto? have you only gone to god with big stuff? what about taking him your calendar? how about asking him some specific things?

today, give it a try. pray about everything. where you eat. what you’ll eat when you’re there. what route to take. the music you listen to in the car. who you call and when. what order to do things in today. should you mow your lawn today or wait a day. everything.


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