license check

i was on my way home today, when i came up to a police check point. when i first saw the lights, i checked my speed – i’m good. then i began to think how bad the guy in front just got busted cause there were literally 10 sheriff cars…all with lights on. i was getting ready for some seriously good rubber-necking. 

as i approached, ever so slowly, i realized it was some sort of check. i was getting checked too. i rolled my window down with confidence i hadn’t been doing anything illegal. i gave him my license and it was all good.
it’s nice knowing you’re not in trouble. it’s also nice to see tax dollars in good use. guys with guns doing their job to keep me, guy without a gun, safe. 
lately i have been getting these little checks in my spirit. not eery ones, just little examinations if you will. i continue to hear the holy spirit beckon me into times of prayer. each time i go spend some time in prayer, i’m either reassured all is well as i sense god’s presence and love, or i realize an area or areas to watch out for. nothing threatening, but reassuring. 
i hope today you’ll find such reassurance from god. 
if you don’t feel more threatened, don’t – god is love and his grace is more than enough. i believe it’s in our times of prayer that god likes to do deep works in our heart. i like it in private like that. i never really liked getting busted in public…we’ll i’m overdue for another check up….

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  1. I totally agree with you. I would much rather be corrected in private than out in the open for everyone to see. We just need to pay attention to thise checks or we will be corrected out in the open.

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