good friday

today is good friday. for many i can see it being good because they don’t have to work. for others it may be good because they have an amazingly beautiful day outside (here in Carolina it will be about 70). still for others across the country its good because they haven’t done too bad in their brackets for the ncaa tourny (myself included). 

but as i read some scripture this morning i was reminded that i was ‘bought’ at a high price. a line from a hillsong worship song was going through my heart as well, ‘none but jesus. crucified to set me free. now i live to bring him praise’. for that reason it is good. 
kinda a paradox huh? sometimes we think when someone dies it’s good, but that is sort of in-humane if you ask me. think about it, you’re glad someone died. this is the one time i can think of, in my life, where i am glad someone died. but at that moment did his momma think it was ‘good’? what about the 12? or some of the people healed from leprosy, blindness, death, or demons? what about father god? was it a ‘good’ day for him too? 
i guess i am remembering his sacrifice and hoping my life, my worship, my living sacrifice are pleasing in his sight. today it is good, because i know what happened on that sunday. today i was paid for. sunday, it was made possible to be restored back to communion with god.
it is a good day indeed.

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