2 spy club

this past weekend i went to the beach on a men’ advance with guys from our church and other churches in our denomination and district. it was a great time.
but while there i was challenged with words and a message from pastor jerry dirmann from anaheim california. he was talking about being a man of destiny and living out the promises of god. he took us through the story of the children of israel’s story, focusing on the part where they send out 12 spies and they all come back with a report. the report was amazingly similiar at first – “it is as god said…the land is amazing”. but then 10 of them began to reason with their logic and according to their own perspective saying “but there is no way to take it.” 2 of them however said, “it’s like god said, and we can take it”
jerry then eluded to the 12 spies as ministers, sent out to see what god said, and bring back ‘WORD’ of those things. two of them brought the people of god the actual ‘WORD’ of/from god. the others added some human reasoning to it.
which got me thinking, what club am i in? as go and search through god’s word, do i add in, take away? or am i proclaiming that it is as god says.it’s not up to me to answer the tough questions for god. the people will want to know ‘what if’, ‘how’, ‘why’, but i need to remain focused on what god has promised.

what promise doesn’t seem possible? has god spoken something to you and you haven’t seen it yet?
have confidence in the almighty – when it seems like the wilderness is around you, god will continue to be noticed in your life. trust in him.


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