Moment Of Truth

I saw a few minutes of this last night, i was so upset i guess. don’t get me wrong, i’m sure the chick actually knew some of these questions might be brought up, they had to get her to take the lie detecter test at some point. so she, on her own, went on knowing what could be asked. not the brightest idea. but beyond all that, i don’t get the entertainment value over humanity. why is it we, as people, would enjoy watching this lady break news to her entire family about some serious stuff. from cheating one her husband, to wishing she married someone else, to things about dad she keeps from mom, everything. those who watched it sat and saw a lady tear her family apart for money. which she ended up losing all of anyways. i’m not here trying to rant or anything. i am just struck oddly by it. i mean, is entertainment and money being made, more important than people’s lives? the host was kind and tried to get her to stop going on to the next questions, but he even admitted that it made for great tv, but terrible for the family and the relationships represented.

how much do i value entertainment? does money matter that much to me? what about you? do you every consider the cost of what we enjoy? i’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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