so i’ve heard it said that desire is wrong. too often we confuse desire, with lust…in which case, it is wrong.
but desire in and of itself isn’t wrong. i think too often we are afraid to let our true desires show. for the obvious reason that we know it’s not too good. if i have a desire for something sinful, that’s not a good thing…
…well it’s not if you begin allow yourself to be governed there. let me be clear, god isn’t down with sin. however, he’s not down with us pretending either. perhaps the reason we sin so much is because we aren’t honest about our desires. i mean, if people knew i wanted to steal from them, chances are i wouldn’t be stealing from them. but because they don’t know that, and i keep it inside, i deal with the battle.
james encourages us not to try and be two people. he says when we have two ways of thinking, we will sin, crash in life, and be totatlly unstable. he also warns that we aren’t to be deceived. it is our own desires that lead us astray and into temptation.
if i am tempted…thats on me and my desires. so the answer isn’t to ignore my desires and act like there is something else there when there isn’t. the idea would be to embrace the reality of my desire, good or bad, and then proceed from there.
i don’t think i want to be the reason for all mess ups, but it is. the easiest thing is to walk around deceiving ourselves into thinking god did this, or if that person would quit dressin so provacative, or if they weren’t and arrogant prick, or…you get the point.
i guess i just dont’ want to live a lie. if its a desire, i want to look at in the mirror and take it to god to get it all changed around. if i keep looking at someone else, i’ll tip right over.


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  1. Good thoughts my friend! Desire follows attention. Give your attention to something and desire will soon follow. People don’t like the fact that they are responsible for what they give their attention to.

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