Return to form

Today, i begin to return to form. Not because it’s a resolution, but because i’m ready to get back into the swing of things.
It’s not that i’ve lost the swing of life, work, or relationships. It’s more like i haven’t swung with any intentionality. I swung when i needed to. Other than that, i’ve been chillaxing (a word i invented meaning to chill and relax at the same time).
The most important facet to returning to form, for me, is hearing a WORD. I want to hear the voice of God…not just for 2008, but more for life.

Recently, i’ve been thinking about honesty. I think that is something God’s been saying. Obviously His word is Truth, and when we discover it and seek it, we find life. So that is and element for getting back to form.

But even more practical, just being a honest person. Not a mean spirited fella, but a guy who won’t exchange ‘how are you’ without actually wanting or caring to hear the actual response. To where i don’t keep up walls of showiness to appear one way. i want to be sensitive to people, but overly politically correct. I want to develop authentic relationships with people on a honest level.

So today, i begin to return to form. I’m going to be honest…at least try.


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