graceful musings

god has been unveiling another layer of the curtain. i’ve been recently pondering and discovering a freshness to his grace. the most recent thoughts came as i read hebrews 4 this morning. i’ve read the chapter tons of times, but like so many things in life, when you have a different perspective, you see it differently. as i read about ‘entering into christ’s rest’, i found myself tying it with god’s grace. i’ve heard it said grace is more than god’s merited favor, it’s also his power in you to help you overcome. and in the chapter 4 i was noticing how god’s grace is tied to christ’s rest; which the writer of hebrews also tied it to a sabbath.
so maybe i’m not making sense yet. here’s how i’m seeing it, christ calls us to rest. rest in regard to light as whip cream burdens. he wants to remove the pressure of us to obtain, for he has already done that. he doesn’t want us to be bogged down with issues of life. so, he says to enter into rest. find sabbath. connect with scripture that divides between what is flesly and spirit bread (hebrews 4). and when we do those things, we need end up in a place full of grace to come right into god’s presence as we approach his throne. why grace? cause when you actually begin to live life with rest and sabbath, you’ll feel unproductive, worth less than you think you should be, and satan finds that time to slime all over you.
but if we could actually begin to get good at living in grace. we’ll find ourselves full of scripture, close to father, and every aspect of our human existence enriched.


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