i’ve spend most of my day today coughing. i hate the little colds. but since i’ve decided to allow my body to heal the way God intended for it to, naturally [okay, so truth be known, i’m enjoying the help of medication – it’s legal though] heal itself. so, with my time i’ve decided to start reading this book – unChristian.
it has totally been rocking my brain. it’s a book about some research the Barna Group did. the book is all about what 16-29 yr olds think about christianity. it’s incredibly balanced, and thought provoking.
the 3rd chapter is all about hypocrisy. it made some serious statements, and it caused me to look at my life. one thing i love about this book, is they definitely don’t sugar coat their findings, but their goal isn’t to bash christianity. it rather is to look objectively at the data and hopefully find changes that can be made. it’s hard to hear the truth, its even harder to actually change because you’ve heard truth.
reading a book like this is kinda like a cough, it persistently reminds you of the illness that’s inside, and the sooner you deal with it, the better you’ll be.
well, my beautiful baby just awoke from her afternoon nap.
happy reading!


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