nah, don’t need that!

i had a parent ask one time what my topic was going to be for the upcoming evening. not an out of the normal question. many parents want to know such things, no bother to me. but on this particular time, it went a step further.they didn’t really care what was being taught, cuz they weren’t coming, unless it was a topic they felt their student needed to hear. i was shocked. don’t they realize everything i say is needed!

once i picked my ego off the floor, and thought honestly about it, i began to think about it in terms of my life.

how often do we hear a sermon and think,”i’ve heard that before”. rather than allowing the holy spirit to speak new dimensions of the topic to us, we play the filter of what is pertinent or not. much like this parent. it didn’t seem they felt as strongly about my sermons as i did. i’m sure god thinks everything is pertinent.

how many times in my life have i missed out on a specific word from god, because it didn’t seem to have pertinence to me. god forbid i try and do the job of the holy spirit in my life. i don’t want to miss out on something special because my natural reaction is “nah, don’t need that!” Pride often will say, “that’s not for me”. if we aren’t careful, we’ll miss on many relationships, understanding, and experiences because we become the filter for what is pertinent or not.

may we never automatically respond with, “nah, don’t need that”!


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  1. hello, this is your sis in law Sarah. just wanted you to know i enjoy reading your blog. My mom told me you were on here and i googled you. did you know there are lots of matthew hunts out there, i mean alot.

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