figment of your imagination

i wish for things, but never seem them come through. there are many times i expect something to happen, but it doesn’t. shortly after that comes frustration and sometimes irritability. many times i experience this let down in the context of relationships.
these expectations, when not communicated, become nothing but a figment of my imagination that leads to rude awakening back to reality. silence can kill the soul of a person. figments of our imagination cause us to loose faith in people, who had no idea we were losing faith. why? because we keep silent. we never allow others to know what we are hoping for, thinking about, or expecting. like,as i go through my day, and in my minds eye i hope for a quiet evening, maybe bath and a book[yes, i like to relax and read…bubbles are optional]. but my wife is at home and can’t wait for me to get home and take the baby. as the evening progresses, she expresses irritation, and i become frustrated. all because we have different expectations for each other, but in all honesty, they’ve never been expressed. all we have are figments of our imagination.

there are many times we never get beyond frustration. why?
i think our lack of expression these expectations, often is inconsideration. i think many times we just don’t consider the other party like we consider ourselves. these figments of our imagination are all about us, not about the other. if it was for someone else, it would be a surprise, not an expectation.
i guess, all i’m saying is, say what you’re thinking…especially when it is something you’re hoping for someone to act a certain way. they’ll tell you if you’re reasonable or not. but it’s better to be known, than live with frustration at someone you have no reason to really be frustrated with. know what i mean?


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  1. Oh very psychological there. But you are right. Thats why one of the major relationship killers is a lack of communication. If we fail to communicate what we want to others we are often mad because we don’t get what we want. Mean while those around us have no idea what we wanted and really can’t be held accountable.

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