Happy Days

i think we all have those days when we want life to be simple again. a day when bills due no longer consume our thoughts. a day when it didn’t matter what other’s said, you really don’t hear them anyhow. a happy day[s]…
…i’m glad i have Alyssa is in my life. she brings me much joy. her smile is infectious and her giggle enough to get a little drunk on. her eyes are deep and true. when i come home, i taken back to happy days. in my moments of stress, she is my escape back to simplicity. when i see her, i light up. but what’s the most humbling, is when she sees me, she lights up.

i think we can be that to God and God that to us. i think God loves us, and lights up when we find delight in him. i experience happy days when when i get in God’s presence and sense his smile lighting up my soul. may i always go to God for happy days.


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