remember when…

remember when life was simple? remember when you hated taking naps? remember when a simple ‘i’m sorry’ was enough for you to actually forgive? remember when everything was new? remember when everything as a christian was new?
i remember reading in scripture how god longed for his church to return to their first love. it seemed they forgotten what it was like when everything about him was fresh. i don’t think god was the one who had changed. i think humanity and the nature of the world around them caused them to change.
recently i was talking with a guy who is just beginning to respond to christ. he’s seeing things differently. his love and devotion are fresh. remember when you were like that?
it’s sincerely my longing to know god. i want to know every aspect of him. paul wrote how he wished we could just catch a glimpse of “how wide, how high, how deep, and how long” god in all his beauty and love is. there are more dimensions to god than we can really comprehend. i am just beginning to remember what it was like to be caught up in the bigness of god.
my prayer is that we all long to experience [again] all of the bigness and fullness of god.


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