the art of napping

i’m tired. it’s the end of my day. it’s the end of my work week. i am tired. i am ready for some reast. but if you’re like me, you don’t have time for rest. there are more things to do. people to contact. things to write.
i tend to have one gear…go. my mind is always going and my words aren’t far behind. but the harder i charge and the faster i move, the bigger the crash i could have.
have you ever seen a crash? although i’m not a big fan, nascar is rather HUGE here in the south. so i’ve seen a race or two; actually i haven’t seen but 1 race start to finish. i tend to watch for the crashes. somehow i can turn off the idea that there is a dude in that car that just flipped 12 times as it was going around a turn at over 200mph. all i see is a narly crash! [yes, tell your friends, narly is a cool word to use…again]
i think it’s the holy spirit that is nudging me to take heed. perhaps its time to take a rest. i had an instructor in bible college tell me sometimes the most spiritual thing i can do is take a nap. god knows how he created us humans. i think that is why he tells us to factor in margin in our lives – it’s called a sabbath. jesus spoke on the subject, in matthew 11 “..come to me. get away with me and you’ll recover your life. i’ll show you how to take a real rest” (MSG paraphrase). i think god wants us to rest. to not get ‘burned out’ on anything. many times in scripture jesus pulled away and prayed. he got alone. he turned off his cell phone. didn’t open the emails. at one time in his life, he sent out his disciples and they did all this cool ministry. after they got back, they were jazzed and ready for more, jesus told them to get in the boat and take some time off. many of the disciples loved boats and water and fishing. jesus was teaching the art of napping. we all could learn how to nap [sabbath]. later in that verse in matthew, jesus says “…watch how i do it. learn the unforced rhythms of grace”.
i want to learn the rhythm of life. if jesus can nap and sabbath, so can i. so this weekend, i’m out! i’m going to sabbath at the beach. i’m going to chill, and learn the art of napping. i’m going to allow god’s grace to set the pace of my weekend and find real rest.
happy napping!


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