Final Blog Post (for now).

This will be the final blog post on this site. I plan to continue writing on our church's blog site - I would be honored for you to follow along if you'd like. Why the change? My pastor once told me, "you can't ride two horses with one behind." HaHa! Beyond the hilarity of... Continue Reading →



Proverbs 20:5 tells us that wisdom is like deep water and person who understands that, will draw it out. The way one can draw from a deep well of water or draw water from a water source is a bucket. Each time we come to God's Word, we have an opportunity to draw from the... Continue Reading →

Paralysis of Choice

White or wheat bread? Private school, a magnet school, public school, or home educate? Is this the right person to marry? Should I invest in that company or just add more to my 401K? Should we build an addition or sell/buy a home? When it comes to most decisions we face the options to choose... Continue Reading →

Put on the suit.

Recently, to the shock of many in our church, I wore a full suit. Our community is a little more laid back, so I was not quite surprised at the comments and reactions that came my way. While I have worn a sports coats on a number of occasions, this was certainly going to garnish... Continue Reading →

Snakes + Shakes

Whenever you say the word, "Pentecostal," many people go to a crazy extreme in their mind, thinking about people handling snakes and having the shakes, while they fall all over the place. Just search Youtube, and you'll find some crazy, sad, and inaccurate representation of Pentecostalism. (Admittedly, many of them are hysterically entertaining too!!)I love... Continue Reading →

Year One.

It’s been just over a year ago that my family and I moved from the East Coast to Mid-America, into Fort Scott, Kansas. We transitioned because God was giving us an opportunity to pastor a local church. It’s something I’ve always felt “called” to do, but never really believed would happen - but that is... Continue Reading →

Holiday Happiness

It is November 3. I’ve already listened to Christmas music twice now. This weekend, I’ll likely decorate the outside of my house with light. On the one hand, it’s because I want to and on the other hand, it’s because I already have many of our lights out from a remarkable Halloween event/party we did... Continue Reading →

The Best Sex & Intimacy.​

It is true. I preached a full, 50-minute message, titled, “The Best Sex” this past Sunday. Why? Allow me to explain. First, I believe God Created sex. Seriously. God fashioned our bodies intentionally. God knew how to maximize our potential enjoyment. (And He is worthy of praise for it!!!) If there is a subject you want... Continue Reading →

Resolving Conflict in Marriage

Recently I've been teaching a series at church all about experiencing God's best within marriage. (You can check it out here.) One of the messages was on the topic of communication. I have never met anyone who said they wish they communicated less in their marriage. I know plenty of people who wish the nagging... Continue Reading →

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